domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

The best videogame in the world!

I'm going to talk about the best videogame in the world and why I like it so much.
I think the best videogame in the world is "Call of Duty: Black Ops II", the best game of the famous Call of Duty saga. Black Ops II has three diffrent fantastic game modes: 

  • Campaign:
In this mode you have to complete all the missions in the game to pass it and know about the story of that. I liked this game mode but I think it was a little bit boring and easy because you play against bots.

  • Multiplayer:
This was an online mode. You have to kill the people in the other team to win the game. There were lots of different weapons, perks and different modes like domination or team deathmatch. I played multiplayer for weeks with my cousins and my friends, it was awesome! With difference the best mode of this videogame.

  • Zombies:
In this mode you have to survive from huge hordes of zombies. You can buy perks, ammo,  weapons... Each round there are more zombies and they are stronger so you have  to be a very good player to survive lots of rounds. Our record was 38 rounds. I played with my cousins and we really enjoyed it. We bought zombies maps to play and they were incredible!

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