domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

A science experiment everyone can do

 Hi everybody, today we make a smoke bomb. This experiment is very easy, we only need:
 - Four ping-pong balls
 - Scissors
 - Foil paper
 - Some matches
 - Lighter

 Okay, first, we take three ping-pong balls and cut these into small pieces with the scissors. Then, we take the other ball, make a small hole in this (1 cm diameter) and put into the ball with the hole the other small pieces:

 Later we take the foil paper and surround the ping-pong ball:

 We cut in half four matches and put into the ball, and finally burn the bottom of the structure:

 We finished the smoke bomb, after burn it stay away of the bomb, the smoke is toxic and smells bad. Good luck and don't be bad people! ;D

2 comentarios:

  1. This looks a little dangerous, Alberto. Couldn't you write about something safer?
    And one of the tags should be "English", not "Inglés".

    1. I search other experiments, but the only easy to explain is this. Now, I change the tags, thanks for the comment, regards.


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