domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

                                           MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN SALAMANCA

My favourite place in Salamanca is the Burgos square because I go to  Burgos square once a week to play basketball, and basketball is my favourite sport. The Burgos square is behind of my house. On Fridays is full but not many people play basketball. There are two football and basketball tracks, a park and two kiosks.
 It´s really fun!


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  1. The writing is quite good Marcos, but the entry should really have a picture. Posts on blogs are much more appealing with one or more pictures above the text. Bigger size or bold font for the title, too. And remember to add tags: English and your name, at least.

  2. Write a comma between "English" and "Marcos Guillén". The three words appear as a single tag right now, (Look at the list of tags on the right side) and your post is not in the group of English entries.


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