martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

My trip to Rome

Last easter I went to Rome for four days. I went with my brother, my father and my grand-mother. We took a plane and we arrived at the Italian airport of Fiumicino at night. There, we called a taxi that took us home. We had rent a flat in Triton's road. That night, we visited the Fontana de Trevi, because it was five minutes away from the flat. It was very beautiful because there wasn't any people and it was illuminated.

Next morning, the first thing we did was to visit the Spain's Square, one of the most important places in the city.
Then, we went to Via Corso, the most important avenue in Rome. There are a lot of shops, all kind of shops. At the beginning of that road there's the Popolo square, with an enormous museum, and, at the end, the Venice square. From there, we walked up the Imperial Forum avenue, that drove us to the Coliseum. After visiting the amphitheater, we had lunch at Piazza Navona. I remember I ate pesto spaghettis. Then, we walked the rest of the day. At night we went back to our flat.

The third day we went to the Vatican. We bought a guided tour, so we didn't have to wait the long queue. We got out the Vatican at midday and we had lunch near there. Then, we went to San Pietro square. After that, we took a taxi and we went to Caracalla's baths. That day we had dinner at the Pantheon square. Then we went back home.

The last day, we wandered around and bought several things. At the afternoon, we took the plane back home.

The thing i liked the best was the Caracallas's baths. I like imaginig the ancient romans building that.

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  1. This must have been a fantastic trip! But I would like to know something: What did you like best of all about the experience?

  2. I see you have included the answer in the post now. Very good!


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