jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

Your first blog entry in English

Hi guys,

Remember that you have to write a post in English for "El Blog de la clase". Here is a list of possible topics but you can also suggest your own topics or ideas for the entries.

1. My pet is a real character!
2. My best memories from Primary School
3. A science experiment everyone can do.
4. A trip to remember.
5. My grandmother (or grandfather) is a very special person.
6. Everybody likes Christmas but I don't. Here is why.
7. My dream is to become a...
8. Which 3 things would you take to a desert island and why those things?
9. My favourite place in Salamanca.
10. The best video game in the world and why I like it so much.
11. My hobby is no ordinary hobby.
12. A typical day in my life... in the year 2033!

When you finish it and add the tags (etiquetas) one of them should be: English

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Cuida la redacción y argumenta. No olvides que esto no es Tuenti.