jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

My pets

Flakes and Nieves

I have four pets, their names are: Adolfo, Flakes, Nieves and Dalton.
Flakes is the oldest pet, is a "Diamante Mandarín" and he is two years old. Flakes is grey, white, red and orange. Flakes is a present from my cousin, Carlos, and Nieves is from my ungle Ángel. Nieves is a "Diamante Mandarin" too and it is white. The last bird is Adolfo and it is an "Agaporni" it is from a friend of my uncle that it didn´t want birds any more and he gaves to me.
My last pet is a tortoise and her name is Dalton, we put that name because she escape from her place. It is a present from my neybourhood, Jose Ángel.
I feed the brirds and my brother feed the tortoise.

3 comentarios:

  1. Cleaning the cages of four pets and feeding them is quite a lot of work! So, that will keep you busy, Tomás. Have you got a favourite one?

  2. Yes, my favourite one is Flakes, because it is the oldest


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